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Dritz Zero Center Tape Measure

par Dritz
UGC 3712
9 en stock, prêt à être expédié
Prix d'origine $8.49 - Prix d'origine $8.49
Prix d'origine
$8.49 - $8.49
Prix actuel $8.49

Dritz Longarm Zero Center Tape Measure. This tape measure is great for planning or positioning where things will go. One side has standard markings going from 0 to 144 inches; while the other side starts at 72 goes down to 0 then back up to 72 (inches). It is flexible and has a width of 3/4 inch. This package contains one Zero Center Tape Measure.

  • Use for planning and positioning
  • Measures 1 to 144 inches on one side
  • Centering Tape on the other side
  • Can be used with longarm frames

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