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McCall's Candles CleanCut Wick Trimmer - Silver

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Prix d'origine $10.00 - Prix d'origine $10.00
Prix d'origine
$10.00 - $10.00
Prix actuel $10.00
• Ideal tool to maximize your candle burn performance
• Keep candle wicks trimmed to reduce soot and smoking
• Classic design with built-in debris tray.

We are pleased to offer the CleanCut™ Wick Trimmer. Great tool for yourself or as a gift to others (ideal as a gift with a McCall's Candle!). The measuring foot on the wick trimmer allows for a precise ¼” measurement of every cut you make. Unlike any other wick trimmer, this one is guaranteed to cut any wick using the patent pending design. The unique design also “catches” wick trimmings, creating a cleaner, safer candle.

As elegant as it is functional, the Wick Trimmer has an intricately detailed pattern gently carved into its durable stainless steel handles, accentuating any candle and home décor.

Recommended to use with our any of our multiple wick candles to ensure even burning across all wicks.

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